How I turned my suffering into my first business.

Battling my own health journey gave me purpose to help others.

Since my teens, I battled gut issues, anxiety, acne, weight gain and irregular cycles. Dark circles run genetically in my family, but since my journey they have improved dramatically.

I had an insatiable hunger for sugar, I was 5 kgs heavier, every meal was a battle in my stomach, I looked and felt exhausted and I was seriously blocked up. I spent my early twenties using myself as a guinea pig on detoxes and cleanses, researching healing modalities, falling off the bandwagon, binge eating and repeat. Guilt, obsession and social anxiety followed. The silver lining here is that I have hand picked the things which are effective. Namely, intermittent fasting, ACV (apple cider vinegar) and infrared saunas.

It was in my early twenties and after doing a very expensive program on NO FOOD and living on 3 cups of bitter TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) soup a day for 2 weeks that I realised enough was enough. I realised these crazy regimens had created an unhealthy obsession to trying to HEAL and it was taking over my life. After only experiencing small short lived benefit with the fast, I decided to SIMPLIFY my life.

That’s when the ACV journey began. This is what my routine was and still mostly is till this very day 6 years later.

My daily routine:

1. Turn on my infrared sauna

2. Make a 1.5L room temperature filtered water with pink Himalayan salt and 1.5 tablespoon of ACV

3. Sit in sauna for 45 mins to an hour

4. Sip on water whilst sweating inside sauna

5. Hot cold shower

6. Power walk around the block

7. Grab a coffee

8. Fast until brunch or lunch time

No changes in diet. I no longer have my sauna unfortunately but when I get more space it will be one of the first things I invest in.

After 2 weeks - my dark circles imrpoved dramatically, I no longer looked and felt bloated, I was regular, I felt lighter - I didn’t weigh myself but my clothes felt looser and the biggest thing for me - I was no longer addicted to sugar.

This was when I realised I was onto something. Kombucha was just starting to pop up, there were no sparkling ACV drinks. I spent my whole adolescence suffering and I just hit the jack pot. This is how Applelachia was born. Read the next blog post on how I started with no business experience.

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