The only thing stopping you is you.

We are most scared from the things we want the most.

I recently was having a dinner with a gf of mine. I realised our conversation was the exact same conversation we were having 3 years ago.

She still hadn’t launched her product. I asked her why she hasn’t launched - despite already knowing the answer. She exclaimed many excuses and responsibilities being placed externally to her own being. I myself have been victim to this mechanism that we human beings react out of which is the F word. FEAR.

When we really want something, albeit launching a product close to our hearts to doing our first podcast to share that very important message we desire. We are scared. Our ego tries to protect us by not following through.

What follows ensuite is a battle between our hearts and our ego, the ego attempts to win by installing fear, doubt, negative thoughts of self berating and imposter syndrome to the point it wins and we don’t follow through with our dreams/goals/idea/vision which is masked by chasing distractions and other non important important tasks such as finding another job, working or starting another project or idea or working for somebody else!

My dear friend is the epitome of this, jumping from job to job and essentially running away from her true desires which is launching her very beautiful skin care range.

She had done a great job on her branding and spent a lot of time enjoying the creative process, the next thing for her is making the product, fast forward 3 years she'd worked and quit 2 different firms and hadn't made any progress in her brand.

Lesson here is - fear is our friend. Embrace it, use it to our power and know it’s what we should be feel when we are in creation mode. Ride it and become empowered by the feeling.

Keep going, don’t stop. And please all mighty do not trick yourself into getting distracted by another activity or job as a disguise of being productive when really you should be working on your project.

Embrace the fear and just do it. No one is stopping you except you.

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